Your Sovereign Downline

If you’re like us, you know that network marketing is an amazing opportunity to grow a powerful asset for your family. It’s a way for you to build a legacy that outlasts you and allows you to use your God-given gifts to pay it forward. It’s your key to true freedom. But at some point, you probably hit a dead end. You’ve realized that the old-school network marketing tactics aren’t working as well as they used to: Your warm list has dried up. It takes you using a cattle prod to get anyone in your downline to do anything. You don’t want to keep bugging friends and family that want nothing to do with your opportunity. Those are just a few of the blaring problems we all face today. This podcast will show you how real network marketers like us are changing the face of the industry. This show gives you the shocking tactics and strategies that we’ve used to get the RIGHT people begging to join our team even while we’re sleeping. In other words, these are the secrets you can use to finally start building your home-based business… from home. Get ready to build an amazing asset that empowers you to enjoy your faith, family, and freedom to the fullest. We're Don and Kimmi Abad, a second-generation husband-and-wife team with over a decade of experience building our network marketing business. This Your Sovereign Downline.
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