Your Faith At Work

This podcast will inform, equip and inspire you so you can partner with God to have influence and impact in life at work, at home and in the culture. It will help you get on and stay on the path God prepared for you, so you can reach your God-given potential and advance the Kingdom every single day. Visit to connect with Ryan and learn more. #### This podcast is for people who are serious about their work, that want to have a life that matters that has an impact and has influence, that are career minded, that care about what they are doing every day. And they want their faith to not be separate, or segmented. And they want their faith infused in everything they do. They want to have an impact for the kingdom of God, they want to advance the Kingdom of God, every single day, at home, at work, in the culture and in everything that they do. Parents of young families, and young professionals also. What I want this podcast to do is to help people partner with God every day, in everything they do, and helps them see what it is like what it means to live their faith out intentionally, to seek God for specific things, not just in general.Anyone who feels a disconnect between their faith and what they do every day, people who want a balanced life of faith and work. They want to be self-aware, disciplined and take action on what God has called them to do. They're looking for clarity on what God even wants them to do in the first place. They are looking for how to handle certain situations, like what's going on in their work, or difficult people that they work with.There's so much going on right now and they want to know how to think about what's going on in the world and in the culture, what's the biblical view of it, and what should they do about it.They want to have an understanding of things and to be able to have wisdom and how to walk forward. To understand the truth of the matter, and to really know what's going on. And I want to help them how to actually live out their faith, how to apply their faith in their family, their home, their work in the culture, and much more. The value that they can expect from this podcast is from investing the time is that they will receive this clear direction, they will receive an understanding of what's going on in the world, and the times. They will know how to find what they should do about it. They'll know how to connect with God and stay connected. They will change the way that they think and they will see God in everything. They will see that God will use everything for their good, that everything that God allows to happen. They will look to God for the meaning of things that happen around them and look for what God wants to come out of it rather than complaining about it. They will see themselves differently, their identity will change. And they will grow in confidence in their abilities, in their understanding, in the ways of God, in their identity and who they are in relation to God and how God sees them. They will see themselves not as a second class minister or a second class Christian because they don't work for a church, or some formal ministry, but as a first class, minister, for the kingdom of God. I the right person to do this podcast because I love the Bible, I love Jesus, I love to work, God has given me wisdom and insights into practical faith. I love to study, I love to influence and have impact. I like practical, not fluff. I've lived out my faith following Jesus every day in many different pursuits, including leading my family, leading culture change, and leading at work where I've been to over 20 countries and worked with hundreds of businesses.I have passion and energy that helps people get excited and ignites people. It sets them on fire that gets them ready to live an intentional life and to do everything for the glory of God. To really have that be what they're about. I set a strong example and I also talk about my shortcomings and lessons I’ve learned.
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