Episode 229: 'The Lost Daughter' with Biz Ellis

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Episode 229: 'The Lost Daughter' with Biz Ellis

Biz Ellis (from MaxFun's own One Bad Mother) joins Ify, Drea, and Alonso this week to weigh in  on Maggie Gyllenhaal's The Lost Daughter, a raw and unflinching portrait of how annoying kids can be. Is Olivia Colman's character a bad mother? Can an introspective art film be as tense as a kaiju fight? Then, the hoses resort to movie memes to predict what 2022 will bring...

What’s Good Mentions

Alonso - Girl Scout cookies/Adventurefuls

Drea - Taskmaste r Zoom Birthday Challenge

Ify - Meal prep service

Biz - Doom Patrol


Daniel Radcliffe to play Weird Al in Roku movie

Joss Whedon’s being defensive

How to Read Jodorowski’s Dune Bible for Free

Listen to Drea on One Bad Mother!

Buy Alonso's book - I'll Be Home for Christmas Movies 

Staff Picks:

Ify - Rashômon

Drea - Belle (2021)

Alonso - Stop-Zemlia

Biz - Encanto

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