The Genetics of Risk Taking with Brian & Jesse Beilmann

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The Genetics of Risk Taking with Brian & Jesse Beilmann

Key Points, Top Takeaways and Memorable Quotes -

“I never thought of it as a risk taking job, I just thought of it as a way to keep surfing.” -B @3:42

“You sleep better at night after you’ve had all that exercise.” -B @4:39

“I just kinda fell in love with the structure and the, you know, physical aspect of what the military, or at least that military program provided.” -J @6:57

“Especially initially one of the big differences is you kind of have to relax a little bit.” -J @17:53

“Obviously, ‘Better Medicine’ I believe is what they refer to it as, is incredible.  The results we’ve seen from it, fantastic!” -B @30:52

“I went to the Holtorf Medical Group and I got a series of different peptides, stem cells, weekley IVs, biweekly IVs sometimes, and everything in conglomeration with each other was really the thing that kind of kick started the healing process for me.” -J @31:40

“In the end, the person has to be more important than the profit.” -W @36:48

-”If we can’t figure out a way to take care of our Veterans, we better quit having wars.” -B quoting John Stewart @38:56

“You learn from mistakes and you learn from successes and just soak it all up, that’s what life’s all about.” -J @1:02:10


Guest Bio -

Brian Beilmann is an internationally renowned photographer. With his images gracing more than 150 magazine covers, the pages of 30 books and appearing in iconic magazines like Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, National Geographic and Sports Illustrated, he is recognized worldwide to be a photographer at the very top of his field. He captures the entire surf lifestyle and continues to push the boundaries of photography both above and below the water.  Brian was the senior staff photographer for TransWorld Surf Magazine for it’s 14 years of existence and is currently the go to guy for Volcom, a manufacturer of surf and lifestyle clothing. 

Jesse is a Decorated United States Air Force Combat Controller who served as a United States Air Force Veteran with 6 years of Active Duty Special Operations (2011-2017).  He also served in Afghanistan and Africa.  His other honors include; Army Commendation Medal with Valor, Air Force Commendation Medal (2), Air Force Good Conduct Medal (2), NATO Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Medal, and an Air Force Training Ribbon Medal.


Show Notes -

0:00 - WIMTS Podcast Intro

0:32 - Introducing Brian & Jesse Bielmann

1:08 - Welcome to Brian & Jesse

2:10 - Brian’s Risk Taking Career & Famous Surfers He’s Photographed

6:03 - Jesse’s Risk Taking DNA Led Him to Military Service

9:18 - Air Force Combat Controller Vs. Navy Seal Roles & Training

11:10 - Brian’s Perspective on Son’s Combat Controller Choice

14:40 - Comradery When Deployed

 16:46 - Jesse’s Service, Deployment, & Reentering Civilian Life 

21:26 - Physical Challenges 

26:46 - Asking for Help & GoFundMe

29:47 - Combat Controller Foundations & Holtorf Medical Group Showed Up

32:51 - BB Commercial

33:01 - Intro to Peptides & Conscious Capitalism

39:08 - How Did the Supportive Surf Community Make Brian Feel?

41:59  - Grateful to Be American & Human 

44:20 - Jesse’s Tattoos & Beads

44:54 - 43 Years in Surf Photography & Getting Back into the Water

47:47 - Better Medicine is Here!

50:53 - Other Holistic Practices

53:08 - Brian’s Conclusion on Risk Taking Similarities with Jesse

57:50 - One Piece of Advice  

1:00:19 - Jesse’s Advice to a Struggling Teenager

1:02:20 - Where Can People Find You?

1:04:04 - WIMTS Podcast Closing


Links & Where to Find Brian & Jesse -

Combat Control Foundation

First There Foundation

IG - Brian @brianbielmann 

Email -


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  • ludi2

    Andrew, you're the man! Nobody else provides this content to the extent you do. Thank you!


    Great episode loved the thing but the intro was a little long

    6 months ago·2 likes·

    Andrew, you're the man! Nobody else provides this content to the extent you do. Thank you!

    6 months ago·4 likes·
  • Sophie

    10:30 til around 20:00 is a great part


    BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. Thank you Andrew for everything you do. Youre a true hero to society for the research you do and for sharing it with the public.

    6 months ago·10 likes·
  • Evaa22

    Overly cool m8


    This one really hits home

    6 months ago·8 likes·

    Overly cool m8

    6 months ago·9 likes·

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