When You Have To Stop And Truly Wonder

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When You Have To Stop And Truly Wonder

This episode is reflecting on what in the world it's going through people's heads. But most of all us as Citizens and parents when is enough enough or is enough not enough? please make this make sense

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  • johngordon

    I haven't listened yet but I'm going to but ur talking about Tony hawk in the chat ... I saw that commercial on you tube... it crazy

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    Yes so crazy

    8 months ago·

    if u go to beginning of show i stated what he was doing as a ad for this water called death but was using his blood to to be mixed in paint and paint skateboards and gain money. but donating proceeds. he was sitting in some where house as he was getting blood drawn. why put blood in the paint. sounds familiar but looked at diffrently

  • QueenE

    I'm confused .... is this a book ... a story about a man named Tony H. Or is this a story about .... ? What is the name of the story or are you reading a Chapter about a Skate board. ... I'm sorry but I'm lost. ...


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