Inspirational Visualisations - Liz Forshaw

Your go-to for inspiration to help you unwind, let go, cultivate peace and tell your intrusive thoughts who’s the boss. Just a few minutes, the quick way to bring you back to calm. Your host Liz is a Psychologist & author with over a decade of experience. A social entrepreneur creating innovative services that change lives globally. Liz has worked with clients in over 15 countries and continues to expand as she travels the world.. solo. Here’s a message for you from Liz herself… I help you remember who TF you are and create the life you were meant to live. Making self work cool AF 🔥 Come & find out more about my personal journey on my instagram @lizforshaw. Feel confident & motivated 👇 📲You can download my free app with daily inspiration and motivation here 👉 🤍You can find out more about my 1-1 programme Be Your Best Self With Liz here 👉 🌈You can join my 21 day happiness challenge Lift Your Vibe here 👉 📚 You can find my workbooks and colouring books for adults and children here 👉 ⭕️ You can join my free community of like minded people on their best self journey here 👉 I am so excited for you to begin your best self journey ❤️ Let’s heal, learn and grow together forever.
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