Learning to Love Yourself w/ Eddie Villa!

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Learning to Love Yourself w/ Eddie Villa!

Welcome to the Vision-Led Leadership Podcast

I'm your host Arin Fugate a Blue Diamond with doTERRA and co-founder of the Visionary Leaders Collective and I am on a mission to remind you that your intuition is always guiding you to your divine purpose. You were born at this time for a very important reason and the time is now to shine in your truth!

Today on the show we are talking about how to love yourself exactly the way you are and what this has to do with leadership.

We are having a conversation with Eddie Villa

Eddie Villa is a marketing/strengths coach. He specializes in helping people market their message, lead their teams, and do it all by honoring who they are authentic.

If you would like to “take the journey” with Eddie into the wonderful world of loving yourself just as you are here are the first 3 steps:

  1. Take the Gallup's Strengths test
  2. Grab his book for FREE here - www.unleashyourstrengths.net *if you live somewhere he cannot ship top please email [email protected]
  3. Follow Eddie on IG https://www.instagram.com/eddiepvilla/

If you are interested in his upcoming live event on Sept. 7th in Salt Lake City (virtual viewing options available) visit https://strengthsevents.com/strengths-of-diamonds-live-event1622153915397


If you are new here, welcome! You are in the right place if you are a visionary leader that wants to uplevel your health and live in line with your divine purpose. On the show, we talk about listening to your intuition, cultivating your mindset, next-level leadership, and conscious capitalism.

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