Hello, Friend! Welcome to the Unlocked Podcast. We are Phil & Krista Franks, your hosts, co-founders of Owl & Key, Lifestyle Designers, Authors, Creators, and Parents. After a decade of work we’ve developed THE holistic intention-setting framework that has helped us and many others get crystal clear on what true success actually looks like...and then achieve it! It’s called Strategic Planning for Life. This podcast is all about lifestyle design. It’s about Unlocking YOU...and all of us. It’s about tapping into what’s possible in your life. It’s about unlocking ideas and inspiration, energy and visions. It’s about being bold and intentional. It’s about redefining success around what matters MOST and releasing old paradigms that no longer serve you. Week after week, we bring you raw, real conversations about our own lifestyle design stories so that you may find relatability in our experiences. We bring you in-depth interviews with other lifestyle designers who inspire us so that you may be motivated by their creativity. We showcase different design styles, strategies and tactics so that you may begin acting on your own vision. With hundreds of transformational stories and counting, the lifestyle designer community is growing every day and now it’s your turn to join the movement. The movement to redesign what “success” truly looks like so that we may all make lasting, meaningful changes for ourselves and the generations to come. A full life awaits! Learn more at www.owlandkey.co
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