Quiet Messenger: Leadership through Brand Messaging for Sensitive, Introverted Coaches + Online Business Owners

Tune in to Quiet Messenger (formerly Unforgettable) if you’re a deep feeler, highly sensitive person (HSP), empath or introvert leader who has something BIG to say. Your host Adria Sophia DeCorte, Messaging Mentor & shy TEDx Speaker, will help you tap into the message that moves you, use your voice, embrace intuitive marketing based on your values and integrity, and share your truth clearly and courageously to call in your people and your next level of impact...without needing to change who you are. Uncover which quirks of being sensitive & introverted you lead with: MessengerQuiz.com. Follow Adria on Instagram for more around this conversation: instagram.com/AdriaDeCorte. For full show notes, visit QuietMessengerPodcast.com.
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