Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Warfare (with Sam Storms)

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Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Warfare (with Sam Storms)

In this video I interview Sam Storms about spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, and the Holy Spirit's work in our lives.  

Sam's ministry: https://www.samstorms.org/ 

Understanding Spiritual Gifts: A Comprehensive Guide: https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Spiritual-Gifts-Comprehensive-Guide/dp/0310111498/truthunites-20 Understanding 

Spiritual Warfare: A Comprehensive Guide: https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Spiritual-Warfare-Comprehensive-Guide/dp/0310120845/truthunites-20 

Practicing the Power: Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Your Life: https://www.amazon.com/Practicing-Power-Welcoming-Gifts-Spirit/dp/0310533848/truthunites-20

Truth Unites is a mixture of apologetics and theology, with an irenic focus.

Gavin Ortlund (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) serves as senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Ojai.


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  • Daisyee

    Insightful and timely. Heartfelt words of personal and intuitive wisdom. Matt speaks directly from his heart about life wisdom’s coming from experience and deep thought. I love it. Victoria Mcknight

    ·1 like·

    @Mario This podcast is super fun to listen to and motivating, keep those new episodes going

    4 months ago·7 likes·
  • Markus

    Is that a prop 😂


    Overly cool m8

    4 months ago·7 likes·

    I very much appreciate the podcast representation 🎉

    4 months ago·4 likes·
  • Mario

    Good stuff keep it up


    I very much appreciate the podcast representation 🎉

    4 months ago·4 likes·

    Albert Einstein said, 'If you can't explain it simply enough, you haven't understood it well enough'.Dr Andrew brings such simplicity to explaining the workings of the brain. It's actually a hacker's guide into our own brain. You are doing great service to humanity Dr Andrew.

    4 months ago·5 likes·

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