SI236: New Opportunities in Volatility Trading ft. Cem Karsan

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SI236: New Opportunities in Volatility Trading ft. Cem Karsan

Join us for an insightful conversation with Cem Karsan as he sheds light on the current financial landscape, from the recent banking crashes to Central Bank Rate Hikes and Geo-Political developments. Discover the reasons behind the unprecedented moves in the volatility space and how they're impacting different strategies, including trend following. Cem shares his thoughts on the critical importance of positioning and why volatility strategies are currently facing tough times. We'll also delve into the potential consequences of a loss of confidence in central banks and their policies, including much higher bond yields. And don't miss our discussion on how the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election will impact economic policies in the months to come. Tune in to gain valuable insights from one of the sharpest minds in finance.


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Episode TimeStamps:

02:03 - Reflecting on the current bank crashes

06:03 - The difficult situation for Powell

09:38 - The geopolitical perspective

12:38 - Surprises in the OpEx

18:03 - Weekly update

20:24 - The volatility winter

27:05 - Vol strategies in the equity space

30:38 - How volatility funds are finding it hard to make money at the moment?

36:11 - Are vol strategies on a downfall?

44:15 - A loss of confidence in Central Banks

48:09 - What are the signs to look for?

50:55 - The U.S election...and how it will affect economic policies

54:11 - The U.S debt ceiling...

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