SI235: Trend Following's Reaction to SVB Collapse ft. Mark Rzepczynski

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SI235: Trend Following's Reaction to SVB Collapse ft. Mark Rzepczynski

Today, Mark Rzepczynsky is back with us, following a tense week with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and a few other bank emergencies. We discuss how we are in a period that Mark calls “the great bond reprising” and what this means for the economy, why the collapse of SVB was somehow "expected", if only regulators had been looking at the right data and how you build models that are well prepared for unexpected events. We also discuss why the core concept of CTA replication in itself may be problematic and why the collapse of SVB might indicate that some people possess too much power, how the wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, how change and uncertainty in the world affects investors and the economy and much more.


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Episode TimeStamps:

02:00 - What really happened this week?

19:19 - Industry performance update

25:21 - A tough week for trend

36:13 - Looking through the rear view mirror

46:25 - SVB and trend following

52:47 - The dynamics of the financial world

59:20 - A changing world

01:09:27 - Reflecting on the CTA series

01:13:33 - Thanks for listening

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