SI220: Is It Too Late for Trend Following? ft. Mark Rzepczynski

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SI220: Is It Too Late for Trend Following? ft. Mark Rzepczynski

Today, Mark Rzepczynsky joins us for a weekly update on Trend Following, following the release of the minutes from the FED’s Open Market Committee in a week of thin liquidity. We discuss whether trend followers can make money going forward after a great year and if it is "too late" to allocate to trend following, the historical perspective of trend following and what we can expect going forward based on the latest analysis from AQR, and how the fast flow of information impacts trend following. We also discuss the importance of knowing when to quit and embezzlement in the crypto space, why trust is a key factor of trend following and why you should find out where liquidity is coming from. We finish discussing why it is important to be aware of how markets move through cycles, what it means if we are heading into a more deglobalized world and much more.



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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 - Intro

02:21 - What happened this week?

06:24 - Industry performance update

09:19 - Is it too late for trend following?

24:47 - The impact of fast information

30:59 - The human element of policy

38:36 - Quit vs. Grit

42:16 - Diving into the crypto world

50:50 - Mind your liquidity

56:17 - Periods, ages and regimes

59:40 - The end of Globalization & what this means?

01:03:12 - Being a data detective

01:06:01 - Final thoughts

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  • Lucyperez

    The historical perspective of trend following, as well as what we can anticipate from an investing perspective going forward


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