Practical Composition- Make Your Images More Exciting — Without Rules!

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Practical Composition- Make Your Images More Exciting — Without Rules!

I want to introduce you to a practical approach to composition that can have an immediate impact on your photography and all without having to follow any creativity killing rules.

Ansel Adams  is famously quoted as saying: “There are no rules for good photographs, only good photographs.” —Ansel Adams

Or from another iconic master of photography — Mr. Edward Weston: “Rules of composition are deduced from the work of strong masters and used by weak imitators to produce… nothing.” 

I sincerely believe that rules are CREATIVITY KILLERS.  Actually science confirms that rules are creativity killers.  The simple explanation is that once you are aware of the rules or worse yet, understand the rules — you are essentially in the box.  Everything that you do in an attempt to be creative and think outside the box to be original will be hampered by your knowledge of the rules.  I mean it is easier to think outside the box — when you don't know where the box is.

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