Master Light Painter Jason Page and the Art Form of Light Painting

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Master Light Painter Jason Page and the Art Form of Light Painting

This week, I had an awesome opportunity to chat with a man who is a self-described light painter. 

Jason Page resides in Southern Florida, and he not only practices this incredible art form, but he has invented a series of tools called light painting brushes, that along with the help of some simple flashlights, allow a light painter to paint in similar ways to an artist with a brush and a canvas. Jason is widely recognized as a leader in the current light painting movement. Jason has pioneered numerous light painting techniques and with his innovation he's created groundbreaking images.

Jason's light painting work has been published internationally in print, as well as online he's exhibited his work in numerous shows and galleries, including locations like Palm Beach, Miami Amsterdam, and Moscow. 

To quote Jason; "Light painting is its own art form. Just as drawing is an art form or painting is an art form, calling light painting a photographic technique would be the same thing as calling, painting a canvas technique." 

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