794: So Close and Yet So Far

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794: So Close and Yet So Far

People ​so close to each other, ​in ​extremely intimate situations​,​ who are also a million miles apart.

  • Prologue: Valerie Kipnis tells Ira about riding the subway, shoulder-to-shoulder with someone she knows quite well, pretending she doesn’t see him. (8 minutes)
  • Act One: How much can you trust whether somebody who you think is close to you really is close to you? Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr.’s been thinking about that question since a recent visit with some of his childhood friends in Sierra Leone. (37 minutes)
  • Act Two: Comedian Tig Notaro has the story of someone as close as her actual bedside yet who, in another way, is impossibly far away. (9 minutes)

Transcripts are available at thisamericanlife.org

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  • Lucindavalenzuela

    I love this program, but sometimes I wish there was more comedy and less politics


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