The Universality of Value | The Mike Hill Series | Episode 1 (WiM103)

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The Universality of Value | The Mike Hill Series | Episode 1 (WiM103)

Mike Hill joins for me for a multi-episode exploration of the masterful book “Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals” written by best-selling author Robert Pirsig. This book may be one of the most undervalued ever written, as it proposes an alternative interpretation of reality that Pirsig calls “The Metaphysics of Quality” (MOQ). According to MOQ, reality is not made up of substance, but rather it is composed of distinct patterns of value. In a Copernican-like revolution of perspective, MOQ sheds new light on age-old debates such as moral relativism, the nature of subject-object duality, good vs. evil, science vs. religion, the importance of freedom, and the primacy of action.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Introduction to “Lila: An Inquiry into Morals”
00:04:47 A Background Pirsig’s Old Book: “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”
00:06:20 “What is Quality?”: The Problem of Subject-Object Duality
00:07:45 Metaphysics: The High-Country of the Mind
00:09:41 The Many Dimensions of Value
00:10:57 The Participatory Anthropic Principle
00:13:29 Background on the Author: Robert Pirsig
00:17:59 The Paradoxical Pursuit of “Value-Free Science”
00:24:34 The Possibilities of a Metaphysical Revolution
00:28:25 NYDIG
00:29:33 The Consequences of Aristotelian Subject-Object Metaphysics
00:33:56 Nihilism Arises from Both Zero and Infinite Interpretations of Truth
00:36:26 The Catch-22 of Subject-Object Metaphysics
00:41:20 Causation and Substance: Aristotle’s Grand Metaphysical Illusion
00:46:15 Empiricism Saws Off the Branch On Which it Sits
00:50:53 Causality as a Useful Psychotechnology
00:52:04 The Illusion of Substance
00:55:11 Substance as a “Stable Inorganic Pattern of Value”
00:57:35 Swapping Out “A Causes B” for “B Values Precondition A”

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