Want to work as a developer in Japan?

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Want to work as a developer in Japan?

Eric explains that great jobs are available for developers in Japan, but it can be tough to find these opportunities.

We talk about interesting startups that are gaining traction in the Japanese tech sector (like Visual Alpha, Treasure Data, and Exawizards, to name a few examples of companies on the Japan Dev platform).

Matt is impressed to learn Japan Dev generates an average of $60,000/month in revenue.

Eric reflects on starting Japan Dev as a side project while he was employed full-time as an engineer.

Eric elaborates on why he doesn’t think venture capital is a good fit for Japan Dev.

Night owls unite! Eric says that his most productive hours are between midnight to 4AM.

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  • Dan33

    Eric is doing amazing with his job board, niche but large enough to make a good income

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  • Enzojonah

    Lots of high-level, almost but not quite development-applicable-anywhere stuff is included, so even non-developers may find it interesting


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