SPI 597: How This 12-Year-Old Built and Sold His First Business

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SPI 597: How This 12-Year-Old Built and Sold His First Business

#597 When I was at Social Media Marketing World earlier this year, I heard something that just blew me away. It was the story of a 10-year-old who started his first business and sold it for $15,000 three months later. Today on the show, we get the complete story and a heavy dose of inspiration from Ryland Dixon himself. Ryland is now twelve years old, and he joins me on the show to give us a wonderful inside look at his membership site, Bible Builds. You’ll get to hear how Ryland came up with his business idea, and we talk about the challenges and lessons learned along the way. That’s not all, though. We also get a first look at Ryland’s new venture, Kid Business Club. He already has something else in the works, and the way he’s thinking about promoting this new business is insanely creative. Ryland is a super smart kid and this is an inspiring interview for us all! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session597.

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  • Lisaa

    10:30 --> 20:00 amazing bit


    This is how all podcasts should be

    4 months ago·3 likes·

    The part where he mentions that he wants to be adopted by a more functional family even at 45 yrs really hits home. Really delineates how no matter how old and independent you are, you still need love and support.

    4 months ago·1 like·
  • Lisaa

    10:30 til around 20:00 is a great part


    the intro is way to long but good episode still skip till 5:30

    4 months ago·7 likes·
  • Markus

    Great episode loved 12:30 the most good interview


    10:30 --> 20:00 amazing bit

    4 months ago·2 likes·

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