91. Confident Marketing and "Having It All Together" with Makenzie Conklin

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91. Confident Marketing and "Having It All Together" with Makenzie Conklin

Today, we are talking to Makenzie Conklin to talk about the reality of being an entrepreneur who might feel like a hot mess sometimes... But still confidently shows up and creates wealth through your business.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • Practical tips for creating an income-generating business even if you feel like you don't have it all together sometimes
  • The importance of strengthening your sense of confidence and self-worth and how that plays into your business, marketing, and emotional & financial wealth
  • And other conversations about marketing, lifestyle, and travel!


You can find Makenzie on Instagram at @makenzieco to learn more about her work and coaching programs

You can also check out her brand new podcast: Bank on Her! (Spotify | iTunes)

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  • Gillian

    Great episode loved 12:30 the most good interview


    Love the podcast, good episode and clear audio! Keep these comming

    6 months ago·1 like·
  • Chris

    So inspiring and motivational ! Great podcast ⭐️

    ·1 like·

    Albert Einstein said, 'If you can't explain it simply enough, you haven't understood it well enough'.Dr Andrew brings such simplicity to explaining the workings of the brain. It's actually a hacker's guide into our own brain. You are doing great service to humanity Dr Andrew.

    6 months ago·6 likes·
  • Josh

    @Mario This podcast is super fun to listen to and motivating, keep those new episodes going


    This podcast and the sub has made the show better

    6 months ago·9 likes·

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