111. Dream Life & Business for Introverts with Jennifer Ho

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111. Dream Life & Business for Introverts with Jennifer Ho

Today, we are talking to Jennifer Ho about how she's creating her own dream life as an introvert 

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • Creating your own dream life as an introvert
  • Stop trying to fake it and squeezing yourself into an extroverted box 
  • Tips for content creation and business, specifically for introverts
  • Feeling left out as an introverted business owner and how to make friends online
  • And more energy management and travel tips!


Jennifer is an introvert who’s tired of pretending to be extroverted. That’s why as a life coach, she helps introverts stop that and start sharing and communicating in their own style, be seen and heard for who they are, and be respected for their honest ideas, thoughts, and opinions. All of that is built through skills and projects that allow introverts to Take Root back into their natural personalities. From there, introverts can establish and confidently communicate the boundaries we need to lead life in a way that works for us, not for others.

You can find Jennifer via the following:

Life Coaching for Introverts: https://byjenniferho.com/coaching 

Instagram: @byjenniferho

Website: https://byjenniferho.com/ 

The Introvert Community: https://lu.ma/byjenniferho 

Self-Coaching Workshop: https://byjenniferho.com/visit-my-brain 

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  • Arlenmccoy

    Developing your own idea of the perfect life as an introvert is possible for business owners


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