Best Side Hustles For Car Market Crash | Lucky Lopez

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Best Side Hustles For Car Market Crash | Lucky Lopez

It’s been about a year and a half since I had Lucky Lopez on the podcast, so we decided it was time we do it again! We’ve done a number of videos together and have another one coming! A year and a half ago, Lucky was telling me that inventory was low and that I needed to get my Porsche. Lucky says that the exotic car market is now crashing, and we discuss how this happened. Lucky says that 93% of the loans from 2020, 2021, and the beginning of 2022 had such loose lending requirements that almost anyone could get a loan. Stay to the end to hear all about Lucky’s thoughts on the market and how you can make money in this economy!

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Lucy Lopez and I discuss what’s going on in the car market and how it got this bad. Lucky shares his predictions for the car market in 2023. I asked Lucky how he’s flipping and wholesaling is going as a dealer. Lucky and I discuss if people should be worried, but we think that there are deals in an economy. 

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