77 - The Cyber War in Ukraine

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77 - The Cyber War in Ukraine

We are now entering the sixth month of Russia's major offensive into Ukraine, and whilst reporters are fixed on the number of tank and infantry battles occurring across the country, many are missing the heated struggles taking place in within Ukraine's cyberspace. In this theatre, where many expected Russia to simply trample over Ukraine, the defenders have not only held their ground but are now taking the fight to Russia. So did we overestimate the Russian cyber capabilities, or is there more to this story? We ask our panel of experts.

On the panel this week:
- Roman Osadchuk (Atlantic Council)
- Brig. Gen. Yurii Shchyhol (Head of SSSCIP for Ukraine)
- Gavin Wilde (CEIP)
- James Lewis (CSIS)

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  • Mario

    Albert Einstein said, 'If you can't explain it simply enough, you haven't understood it well enough'.Dr Andrew brings such simplicity to explaining the workings of the brain. It's actually a hacker's guide into our own brain. You are doing great service to humanity Dr Andrew.


    So inspiring and motivational ! Great podcast ⭐️

    6 months ago·3 likes·

    I very much appreciate the podcast representation 🎉

    6 months ago·2 likes·
  • Daisyee

    Insightful and timely. Heartfelt words of personal and intuitive wisdom. Matt speaks directly from his heart about life wisdom’s coming from experience and deep thought. I love it. Victoria Mcknight


    Very thought out! Can't wait to try it out.

    6 months ago·8 likes·

    Andrew, you're the man! Nobody else provides this content to the extent you do. Thank you!

    6 months ago·3 likes·
  • Markus

    Love the podcast, good episode and clear audio! Keep these comming


    BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. Thank you Andrew for everything you do. Youre a true hero to society for the research you do and for sharing it with the public.

    6 months ago·3 likes·

    Overly cool m8

    6 months ago·5 likes·

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