208. Buy vs. Build

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208. Buy vs. Build

All developers will understand the difficulty that comes along with deciding whether to build or to buy. In today’s episode, we discuss why it’s so important to think about this decision before you make it; there are so many factors to take into consideration and you don’t want to act hastily. Co-hosts Michael and Dave discuss the pros and cons of building and buying, tiers that exist within the build or buy spectrum, and something that they would never build. They share a question that you should always ask yourself before diving in, and some red flags to look out for. If you’re in the market to buy, this episode is also full of examples of great places you can do so!

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  • Klaas

    If it isn't your core business try to buy it, every starting dev is like: "I can make this!" but you miss so many details that can take forever to build. On the wedding website: Yeah it sounds fun until you need to manage it haha


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