815: James Cantor | Exploring the Complexities of Sexual Orientation

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815: James Cantor | Exploring the Complexities of Sexual Orientation

Dr. James Cantor (@jamescantorphd) is a clinical psychologist and sexologist whose research centers on the development of sexual interests, including sexual orientation and paraphilias. He maintains the Sexology Today blog, which focuses on the current state of sex research.

What We Discuss with James Cantor:
  • What makes people gay?
  • The differences between gay men and gay women.
  • What should society do about pedophiles who choose to live lives of celibacy rather than act on their urges?
  • Is there a link between autism and gender dysphoria?
  • What's the deal with asexuality, paraphilia, vorarephilia, and that thing you think about when nobody else is around?
  • And much more...

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  • Helenebrady

    In a word, yes. It deals with complex issues and extensive material, yet writes so that everyone can follow along


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