786: Mitch Lowe | Lessons in Disruption Part One

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786: Mitch Lowe | Lessons in Disruption Part One

Mitch Lowe (@mitch__lowe) is a co-founding executive of Netflix, the former CEO of MoviePass, the former president of Redbox, and the author of Watch and Learn: How I Turned Hollywood Upside Down with Netflix, Redbox, and MoviePass ? Lessons in Disruption . [This is part one of a two-part episode. Be on the lookout for part two later this week!]

What We Discuss with Mitch Lowe:
  • How Mitch's first entrepreneurial adventure involved peddling blacklight posters in Europe at the behest of a shady character by the name of Funky Sam.
  • What Mitch learned from befriending people on both sides of the conflict in Israel while living there in the '70s.
  • How Mitch got deported from Egypt as a spy and accidentally witnessed something he shouldn’t have.
  • How Mitch's terrible investment in a video store led to innovations that would make Netflix — the company he co-founded — wrench domination from entrenched rivals in the video rental industry.
  • Did Mitch really fake a heart attack to get out of a meeting with Walmart executives?
  • And much more...

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  • Darnellhubbard

    I take pleasure in gaining new knowledge, and it is always a bonus when the information I get is coherent and well-structured, as is the case here


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