755: Dr. Sohom Das | Rehabilitating the Criminally Insane

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755: Dr. Sohom Das | Rehabilitating the Criminally Insane

Dr. Sohom Das (@dr_s_das) is a consultant forensic psychiatrist who works in prisons and criminal courts to assess and rehabilitate mentally ill offenders. He is the author of In Two Minds: Stories of Murder, Justice, and Recovery From a Forensic Psychiatrist .

What We Discuss with Dr. Sohom Das:
  • Telling the difference between someone whose treatable madness is causing them to act out and someone whose irredeemable, criminal badness makes them a permanent danger to society.
  • Over 97% of the mentally ill defendants with whom Sohom works experienced trauma in childhood.
  • Comparing and contrasting psychopaths and sociopaths.
  • How can a psychiatrist determine whether someone in custody is mentally ill or just faking it (and has Sohom ever been fooled)?
  • What precautions does Sohom take for his own safety when working in close quarters with mad or bad people who mean him harm?
  • And much more...

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