The Jenna Rainey Show

Ready to leave your 9-5 but don鈥檛 know how? Wondering what it takes to scale a creative business and make consistent income? Want to hear from the biggest creative brands on how they built their businesses? The Jenna Rainey Show is packed full of tangible and impactful tools for starting and building a thriving business. Hosted by best-selling author and creative powerhouse Jenna Rainey, this podcast is a peek into tactical strategies behind social media, pricing, negotiating, creativity and MORE! Listen in each week as Jenna shares her own personal failures and successes throughout her career as an artist, course creator and influencer. From side hustle to art empire, Jenna reveals what it was like growing a six-figure stationery business to collaborating with some of the biggest retail stores and brands, launching online courses and scaling to that seven-figure mark as an artist. She regularly has conversations with guests where they share how they built creative empires and hacks that will inspire YOU to go after your biggest dreams! The Jenna Rainey Show is a NO BS conversational-style show that is focused on helping YOU tackle your fears and achieve those goals. Because we believe that the *starving artist* narrative was made to be broken!
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