E331: Reflecting - Steven Pesavento

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E331: Reflecting - Steven Pesavento

In this episode, Steven talks about appreciating where you are while creating that vision of where you want to be. While Real Estate and investing can bring you to living a better life,  it is always good to reflect on what you do have so that you don’t miss out on those moments and opportunities that will move you forward. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Don’t get caught up in the hustle without realizing that the most important piece is actually appreciating where you are today.
  2. Tragedy can bring with it the realization that you should not live in fear but in appreciation.
  3. Share your love and appreciation with others as they may not have the opportunity that day to find it on their own. 
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  • Daisyee

    Good stuff keep it up

    ·1 like·

    10:30 til around 20:00 is a great part

    6 months ago·10 likes·

    This podcast and the sub has made the show better

    6 months ago·10 likes·
  • Evaa22

    Great episode loved 12:30 the most good interview


    @Mario This podcast is super fun to listen to and motivating, keep those new episodes going

    6 months ago·6 likes·
  • Markus

    Going back trough all the episodes, amazing podcast


    Great episode loved 12:30 the most good interview

    6 months ago·4 likes·

    Good stuff keep it up

    6 months ago·10 likes·

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