Ep. 92: Are You Sober Curious?

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Ep. 92: Are You Sober Curious?

What does it mean to be “sober curious”?

If you’re “sober curious” you likely aren’t sure that you want to give up alcohol forever, but you might wonder if your life would be better without alcohol. Maybe you recognize that alcohol is taking up a significant amount of your time, energy and focus. You wish you were more intentional about your drinking. Or your intuition might be telling you that alcohol isn’t serving you.

If you’re sober curious, you’re far from alone. In 2021 23% of Americans who drink regularly participated in Dry January, a month when you abstain from consuming any alcohol for 31 days.

To learn more about the sober curious movement I invited Ruby Warrington to join me on the podcast. She’s the author of the books Sober Curious and The Sober Curious Reset and coined the term sober curious.

Ruby’s honest and non-judgemental approach to reevaluating our relationship with alcohol has spearheaded a larger movement of people taking a closer look at their drinking.

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