Ep. 89: Holding Your Hand Through Christmas and New Year’s Eve

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Ep. 89: Holding Your Hand Through Christmas and New Year’s Eve

So it’s Christmas week with New Year’s Eve right around the corner and you’re not drinking.

…Or you’re trying not to drink.

…Or you REALLY want to stop drinking but you’re not sure you’re ready yet.

…Or you stopped drinking 6 months ago but DAMN this week is harder than you thought it would be….

What can you do to stay centered and grounded and not dive head first into the sparkly drinks all around you? I’ve got you covered.

I recorded this podcast to hold your hand through Christmas and New Year’s Eve as you navigate our booze-obsessed culture without a drink.

So cuddle up, listen up, go on a walk and let me share my best advice on how to navigate family dynamics and special occasions and drinking events so you don’t wake up tomorrow or Christmas morning or on January 1st with a headache and a hangover.

I’m hoping you will come out of this podcast episode with a little bit of peace about what this week can look like and the things you can do to make small, incremental shifts in your thought process to let yourself feel really good about this week, the memories of this holiday season and how you're going to start this new year.

To access resources and links mentioned in the episode, head over to www.hellosomedaycoaching.com/89


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