Ep. 83: How To Stop Romanticizing Alcohol + Start Romanticizing Sobriety

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Ep. 83: How To Stop Romanticizing Alcohol + Start Romanticizing Sobriety

What do Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte + Miranda from Sex And The City, Bridget Jones and Olivia Pope on Scandal have in common?

Their shows, characters, sets and plot lines romanticize and glamorize alcohol.

TV shows and movies have taught all of us from a very young age that drinking is empowering, sophisticated, fun and ‘the thing’ that modern, independent women do.

Through marketing, media and the culture we have been raised in we’re taught that alcohol is both good and necessary and that it should be put on a pedestal.

We see drinking as a privilege of adulthood and believe that drinking makes us sophisticated and sexy and also helps us connect and relax.

On the flip side we’re taught that life without alcohol is less exciting, undesirable or something that only people with a “real problem” with alcohol would choose. And we’re convinced that life without drinking is difficult, dull and boring.

None of which could be further from the truth.  Life without alcohol is fun, exciting, healthy and happy.

But those ingrained, subconscious or even unconscious beliefs can hold you back when you’re trying to shift your relationship with alcohol.

They sabotage your efforts to get healthy and talk about what you’re doing in an empowering way. They hold you back from feeling better and draw you back into old habits that keep you stuck.

My guest today is Kate Bee, founder of The Sober School, and we’re talking about how to STOP romanticizing alcohol and START romanticizing sobriety.

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