Using Bare-Knuckle Politics To Fund Soup Kitchens

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Using Bare-Knuckle Politics To Fund Soup Kitchens

Bradley Tusk worked for years in government, then he struck out on his own and made a lot of money through his firm Tusk Ventures helping companies like Uber and FanDuel navigate government regulation. On the Gist today, he explains how he leverages his expertise as a lobbyist and fixer to give soup kitchen and anti-hunger advocates the kind of muscle they need. Plus, Janet Yellen moves markets by stating obvious truths. And Stanford grapples with the heckler's veto. This episode also features an extended interview AND an extended spiel for subscribers to PescaPlus. To become a subscriber: Produced by Joel Patterson and Corey Wara Email us at To advertise on the show, visit: Subscribe to The Gist Subscribe: Follow Mikes Substack at: Pesca Profundities | Mike Pesca | Substack
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