The Fit Funnel Guys Podcast Preview Episode

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The Fit Funnel Guys Podcast Preview Episode

Tech should never be a bottleneck in your online fitness business. And yet… it too often is. Our goal is make tech work for you and demystify everything that is required to build an impactful online fitness business that transforms lives… whether you’re fluent in tech or you have no idea what HTML is, we’re going to make sure everything is easy to understand. With this podcast, we teach you to build funnels that convert...And this isn’t the typical “funnel hacker” stuff… we are going to get into the subtle and even subconscious cues that make your funnels convert, turning first time visitors into excited and loyal followers. We challenge you to take at least one idea from each episode and implement it right away to see how it improves your funnel performance. As a split test, of course. We talk funnels, marketing, email, traffic, fitness, personal development, and have some fun… We are the Fit Funnel Guys, online tech consultants and funnel builders. We may be tech guys… but we lift. Make sure you subscribe and tell a fitness entrepreneur or 3. We’ll see you in the next episode… and let’s Make. Tech. Fit.

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