10 The Power of a Support System

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10 The Power of a Support System

This episode marks a new direction for the Fit Funnel Guys. Now we are going to share the struggles we’ve gone through as entrepreneurs so you can learn from our experiences. We are always going to be talking about how to improve your online business through tech, funnels, and all that. But those things are just a few parts of the entrepreneurial world and it would be a disservice to you if we didn’t share the whole package with you.


Our support systems have made all the difference for us. We found ours in Mastermind groups. Go out there and find one for yourself. Take control of your life and just do it. If you don’t, you’ll never be able to make the impact that you want.


If there’s anything you want us to talk about in upcoming episodes, including funnels or anything about the entrepreneurial journey (especially partnerships), shoot us a DM on Instagram and we will absolutely talk about it in a future episode.



2:12 - The new direction for the Fit Funnel Guys

6:11 - Luca was talking shit and making poop more firm

15:48 - Bryan’s stagnant life onto being the entrepreneur convert

22:57 - Stepping into the world of Masterminds

28:05 - Go out and find your Luca

31:48 - Our personal life missions

48:28 - Our shared mission

50:30 - Take control of your life and take care of yourself

51:58 - The power of Fit Funnel Guys teamwork








We are the Fit Funnel Guys, online tech consultants and funnel builders. Tech guys who actually lift. We’re here to remove the artificial barrier of tech to help you grow your business and increase your impact. Let’s make. Tech..and your life. Fit.

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