08 Prerequisites for Funnel Work

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08 Prerequisites for Funnel Work

In this episode, we go over everything you need to have 100% ready before working with a tech team to create an opt-in page or sales funnel. Use this as a quick reference checklist. Use it to help organize all your materials before delivery.


It’s easy to come to the tech team and expect them to hold your hand through the entire process. What we’re asking you to prepare here is not technical. If you're not familiar with everything on the list, you should invest the time to understand it.


This checklist is a small step for you. It will save time for your tech team so they can spend more time on making your funnel amazing. You will see a better end result and your tech team will love you for it!


The Checklist:

1. Sales Copy

  • Written sales copy document(s) for your pages with images included.

2. Product Files

  • All program files: PDFs, spreadsheets, audio, video, etc.

3. Assets

  • All images: images for sales pages, transformation pics, physique pictures, logos, ebook covers, product spreads

4. Logins

  • Account information for all of your relevant accounts: funnel platform, email service provider, domain registrar, payment gateway, custom domain email

5. Additional Info

  • Domain URL to deploy your funnel to
  • Member’s area structure
  • Model pages or sample pages for design



0:36 - Luca is in Greece but we’re doing an episode because this stuff matters

1:53 - Sales copy

3:11 - Product files

6:24 - Assets

10:58 - Logins

13:07 - Payment gateways, recent issue with Stripe

15:11 - Password privacy and security

18:30 - Additional Info

21:27 - Why all of this is so important








We are the Fit Funnel Guys, online tech consultants and funnel builders. Tech guys who actually lift. We’re here to remove the artificial barrier of tech to help you grow your business and increase your impact. Let’s make. Tech. Fit.

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