04 Checkout Pages - Creating a Winning Sales Funnel Series

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04 Checkout Pages - Creating a Winning Sales Funnel Series

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the opportunity for people to buy your product. Don’t blow it! All it takes to lose a customer is any tiny little thing that gives them a moment’s hesitation. In this episode, we talk about ways to eliminate friction and your customer's feeling of uncertainty. We go into specific conversion boosters and ways to increase average cart value. We discuss payment gateways, their uses, and fees.


There are a ton of split test ideas we throw around in this episode. Be sure to split test at least one.


Conversion Boosters Checklist:

* Legitimate security badge

* Testimonials that address key objections

* Custom domain with a clean url path


* Guarantee reminder

* Cart abandonment retargeting

* Social proof popup



2:06 - What makes a good checkout page

4:14 - Why cart abandonment happens

7:20 - Page design: focus on mobile

12:51 - Increasing average cart value with order bumps

25:21 - Conversion boosters

47:07 - Post purchase

49:46 - Payment gateways








The Series:

  1. Overview
  2. Sales pages
  3. Opt ins
  4. Checkout process
  5. Order bumps and upsells
  6. Thank you pages
  7. Post-sale client experience
  8. Infrastructure necessary for all this


We are the Fit Funnel Guys, online tech consultants and funnel builders. Tech guys who actually lift. We’re here to remove the artificial barrier of tech to help you grow your business and increase your impact. Let’s make. Tech. Fit.

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