03 Opt In Pages - Creating a Winning Funnel Series

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03 Opt In Pages - Creating a Winning Funnel Series

Do you know how to build an ‘Opt-in’ funnel that converts? Do you know how to create a lead magnet that turns first-time visitors into loyal superfans? In this episode, we’re going to tell exactly how to give you the best chance to gather your prospects. A lot of times what gets in the way is yourself. We try to get too clever. Let’s make it simple, offer people something they want, and we’ll give you some examples of opt-ins that are converting best. Not to mention what the best in the game are doing after people opt-in.

3:50: How should the opt-in look?
16:18 How to layout your opt-in.
30:09 What to offer in your opt-in.
34:36 Examples of great lead magnets.
45:25 What happens after the opt-in and a good flow to implement right now.

Social media links:
Fit Funnel Guy Tyler: Fitfunnelguy_tyler
Fit Funnel Guy Bryan: Fitfunnelguy_bryan
Fit Funnel Guy Luca: Fitfunnelguy_Luca

The Series:
1. Overview
2. Sales pages
3. Opt-ins
4. Checkout process
5. Order bumps and upsells
6. Thank you pages
7. Post-sale client experience
8. The infrastructure necessary for all this

We are the Fit Funnel Guys, online tech consultants, and funnel builders. Tech guys who actually lift. We’re here to remove the artificial barrier of tech to help you grow your business and increase your impact. Let’s make. Tech. Fit.

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