Science is an art–not an equation with Dr. Serhat Gumrukcu

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Science is an art–not an equation with Dr. Serhat Gumrukcu

Science is often perceived as complex, formulaic, and insanely detailed–but did you ever think that it can be treated as an art? Designing experiments, thinking creatively, flowing through the material and immaterial to discover and mold the world we live in. Today, we've got Dr. Serhat Gumrukcu wearing the fancy lab coat. He's one of the founders of Enochian Biotech (a company focused on creating gene-modified cell therapies), and the current director of the Seraph Research Institute where he works on molecular virology and antiviral research in regards to HIV. He's an MD Ph.D. with a heightened philosophical perspective on the nature of science and its applications. He's definitely a pragmatist and an entrepreneur, with numerous patents under his name, and is constantly working on new therapeutics. He's a polyglot who speaks...get ready...9 languages! He's a man within whose veins flows a boundless curiosity of the scientific world and he's using that unique perspective to solve some of the most pressing medical problems in the industry.

Episode Breakdown:

0:00-21:27min: Who is Serhat? and the influence of Art and Science. 

21:27- 55:29min:  The Path through Medicine and the Ph.D. Wisdom from Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi and staying confident in the research sphere.

55:30 - 1:12:59 min:  The current mission and incentives behind his company and research institute. Thoughts on IP in Medicine through Jonas Salk.

1:13:00 -  1:38:31 min: Winding down and learning about Serhat’s ideal institution and random life facts!

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