The Dumb Idea Podcast

Welcome to the podcast web page! We’re middle aged men talking about things in everyday life. We’ll get into topics like politics, sports, raising kids, marriage and anything else facing your average married guys. Most times we’ll just talk about what’s going on in our daily lives. Starting a podcast is a way for us to start something new and hopefully others out there can relate and may get a chuckle or two out of it. We respect your time and understand you’ve got plenty of choices out there in the podcast world. Hopefully, you’ll let us be a part of your day. Thank you for joining us. Please subscribe and rate this podcast on your podcast platforms like Apple, Google and Spotify as it helps us a ton. Also please like, comment, subscribe and share the video on Youtube. It really helps us get the show out to more people. We hope you enjoyed your time with us and we look forward to seeing you next time. Please visit us at If you’d like to sponsor an episode or be a guest, please reach out at [email protected] or visit our website at
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