What is the #WingmanofTheYear Media Company? With Hunter Werner - Episode 31

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What is the #WingmanofTheYear Media Company? With Hunter Werner - Episode 31

Wes and Nick interview #wingmanoftheyear founder #HunterWerner and he tells us all about what it means to be a #wingman and how anyone and everybody can be a wingman regardless of gender or orientation and what he and his crew do. 


Welcome to Wingman Of The Year! We are a digital media company that is based on the morals of providing exciting content while living the "wingman" mantra! Our slogan is "Anyone Can Be A Wingman," and we feel this at our very core. We create content that lends you escapism but also compassion to being a good friend.  We have daily pieces of video content, a weekly podcast, blogs, giveaways, and more! So check us out and become part of the movement of being Wingman Of The Year!

Learn More About Them Here: https://linktr.ee/wingmanoftheyear

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