E213: David Moyes Reveals The Truth About Managing The Worlds Greatest Teams

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E213: David Moyes Reveals The Truth About Managing The Worlds Greatest Teams

As he would tell you himself, the football is in David Moyes’s blood. Growing up in Glasgow he was surrounded by the game, from his dad coaching to his mum washing the kits, this devotion has continued to now.

Making the jump from player to manager, David has seen every side and evolution of football, and not all of it was pretty. From the highs of being handpicked by the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson as the manager of Manchester United to the lows of his very public sacking, and his miraculous return as ‘The Moyesiah’.

In this conversation David speaks about what it takes to become one of the world’s best known managers, the winning habits and values he instills in his teams and why he is constantly renewing himself for the game he loves.


  • Early context
  • Skills from your dad as a manager
  • What did you learn as a player?
  • What does a winning culture look like?
  • Affective management styles
  • The process of signing players
  • The goal for West Ham
  • Being asked to manage Manchester United
  • Culture change at Manchester United
  • The toll of the criticism
  • What does Manchester United need to do to get back on track
  • Pamela
  • The last guest question

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    This "self growth" podcast has swiftly established itself as my go-to choice for weekly listening


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