E114: How To Fix Your Focus & Stop Procrastinating: Johann Hari

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E114: How To Fix Your Focus & Stop Procrastinating: Johann Hari

Johann Hari is a journalist and author of Lost Connections, a book which changed the way I think about depression and mental health. His new book, Stolen Focus, is about what people can do in order to improve their focus, and about what we can all do to stop our attention being robbed in a world of increasing distractions.
Johann travels thousands of miles all over the world in order to complete his research, he’s spoken to experts on every continent and he’s come in to us about what he’s learnt on his journey.
What Johann offers is not just practical advice for us all to take to improve our focus, but also what we can all do to change the way we interact with tech companies in order to make sure it never gets robbed again.
  • Why did you write about focus
  • What is the cost of losing our attention?
  • Social Media
  • Flow States
  • What is the harm of interruption?
  • The lack of sleep we all seem to be getting
  • The importance of reading physical books
  • Negativity bias
  • Angry humans in an angry machine
  • Is there hope?
  • Food is messing up our focus 
  • Our last guests question

Johann: https://twitter.com/johannhari101 https://www.instagram.com/johann.hari
Johann’s book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1526620227/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_8XB8KP2V3XWR2JKY00GN 

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  • Sam

    54:00 - decay in ability to read. Screen inferiority: We remember 60% more by reading a physical book vs on a screen @joshua

    8 months ago·
  • Sam

    56:00 - the medium is the message. TV = the world is fast and lots is happening. Twitter = do people agree with my short message. Instagram = do I look good in photos. Facebook = friendship is in looking at and liking photos @Klaas 59:00 - dangers of a comment section and how it shapes narrative of how people consume a piece of content

    8 months ago·
  • Sam

    24:00 - the fact social media doesn’t need to work the way it does. It could let you have a button to meet your mates in person but it doesn’t because then you aren’t paying attention to the app 😵‍💫

    8 months ago·
  • Sam

    20:00 - benefits of pre-commitment and how it makes achieving your goals easier

    8 months ago·
  • DuncanOwiti

    I look forward to learning.

    9 months ago·1 like·

    @DuncanOwiti Me too! - Think I'm going to get the book (thanks for recommendation @Jane)

    9 months ago·1 like·

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