Episode 7: No Woman’s Land

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Episode 7: No Woman’s Land

Newly separated and with Prince William now gone to Eton, Diana feels lonely and stuck in no man's land between marriage and divorce. Increasingly paranoid that Prince Charles's team is briefing against her, she is susceptible to the manoeuvres of BBC journalist, Martin Bashir, who wants to land an interview with the Princess for the Panorama programme. Having recently met and fallen for a Pakistani heart surgeon, Hasnat Khan, Diana starts to wonder if by doing the interview, she'll have a newfound freedom she longs for.

In this episode, Edith Bowman talks with Director, Erik Richter Strand, Costume Designers Amy Roberts and Sidonie Roberts, Head of Research, Annie Sulzberger, and the actor behind Princess Diana, Elizabeth Debicki.

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  • Rylan

    During the filming, my favourite thing to do is listen to the actors talk about their lives and learn the stories behind their experiences


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