The Confidence Crown

Hey girl, I see YOU! You’ve always been a go-getter but something is stopping you from reaching that next step. I know, I’ve been there. Please, call me Lisa.. that’s what my friends do! I’ve also been called a serial entrepreneur, skincare guru, wellness biohacker... and the woman behind the crown. With more than 30 years of experience, my superpower is developing talent through business branding and lifestyle coaching. But really, I’m just an LA native, fur mom to the BEST rescue dog, fifty-one & fabulous, who’s passion is serving others by sharing my trade secrets of self-love and confidence! Decades ago, I closed up my dream job in Hollywood to become my mom’s caretaker. After she passed, it took YEARS to find my power again. I thought life was about sacrifice. I never dreamed I’d have the power to create revenue streams that would allow me to help others and live the lifestyle I wanted. But ALL that’s changed! Now, I help self-made women step into their power by scaling businesses from 6-7 figures, creating massive impact & profit. I know from experience that you can overcome any struggle or setback to start living a financially independent life. No more dead-end jobs. No more time clocks. No more stress. And I want to do that for you. So, if you are struggling with setbacks and limiting beliefs, but you KNOW you are destined for more, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. It’s time to turn YOUR life from pain to empowerment, so YOU can #MakeitReignTM in confidence & abundance. Are you ready to fix your crown and become the Queen of your life? Then join me and my guests every week to learn how! - xoxo
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