The Confidence Chronicles

The Confidence Chronicles

Welcome to The Confidence Chronicles, a podcast show that's all about empowering women to create self-confidence, to step up and go for what they truly desire. Hosted by award-winning Life Coach and Psychotherapist Erika Cramer, also known as The Queen of Confidence, this podcast will be your go-to source for practical tips and exercises that will help you change your life for the better.     

With a raw and real approach, Erika will be like a big sister in your ear, hyping you up and encouraging you to be fully expressed, to take up space and stand in your power. Whether you want to start your own business, find your dream job, or improve your relationships, this podcast will give you the confidence and inspiration to take action and create the life you've always wanted. So, tune in and get ready to be amped up, because the truth is you are a Queen, and you can have everything you desire if you're willing to show up and go get it!

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