The Classroom Behaviour Solutions Podcast

Are you a teacher, school leader or SENCO struggling with ideas to support pupil behaviour? Does low level disruptive behaviour give you daily headaches and the idea of another sticker chart make your brain itch? Do you go home every day wondering just how much more teaching you could do if the kids just engaged with your lessons? Perhaps you have individual pupils who's behaviour is interrupting your lessons making it so you just can't teach effectively or maybe you're looking for ways to support pupils with individual needs and everything you have tried so far just doesn't seem to work. Whatever your behaviour headache this is the podcast for you.Classroom behaviour solutions provides weekly bite sized tips and info about supporting behaviour in a way that will provide you with tools and blue prints to understand behaviour and create behaviour support tools that can be adapted specifically to your pupils, classroom or whole school environment. Following the steps outlined in these tasty behavioural morsels will help you to see real positive change in behaviour, learning and overall outcomes for the pupils you so passionately want to see do well. The weekly podcast is hosted by Adam Dean. Adam is a qualified teacher and currently the headteacher of an amazing SEND school in Essex. Adam is also a board certified behaviour analyst and has a Masters in Education (autism) from the university of Birmingham. He has helped to establish autism support hubs in Essex and for several years provided support and training to mainstream and SEND schools in the Essex area. To learn more about Adam, his credentials and reasons for the podcast visit
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