E3: Becoming More of Yourself  with Rev. Adelia Sandoval

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E3: Becoming More of Yourself with Rev. Adelia Sandoval

In this episode of The Campfire Circle, Tania talks to Rev. Adelia Sandoval, Spiritual Leader and Cultural Director for the Juaneño Band of Mission Indians.  She is a Ceremonial Leader, Song Keeper, Wisdom Holder, Tribal Teacher, and Healer. 

As she learned the stories and ways from her teachers, she also learned she didn’t have to “save the tribe” … she just had to become more of herself. 

Sharing our stories creates a ripple effect, and even if one person hears our story and does something different because of it, well, then we just changed the trajectory of the world. In a good way.

In today’s episode:

[02:20] Becoming a Spiritual Leader (or Overseer) for the Juaneño Band of Mission Indians

[10:33] What Rev. Adelia does as a Spiritual Leader/Overseer

[12:28] Dealing with “Imposter Syndrome” as a leader

[18:00] Our relationship with the Earth

[23:50] Why land acknowledgements are so important

[27:06] Looking back at what the village system was like, especially in Orange County, CA

[32:10] How Native Americans used to manifest energy 

[34:49] What Rev. Adelia hopes future generations say about us

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