E2: What Is A Hybrid Professional? With Sarabeth Berk

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E2: What Is A Hybrid Professional? With Sarabeth Berk

In this episode of The Campfire Circle, Tania talks to Sarabeth Berk, Creative Disruptor, Expert on Hybrid Professional Identity, Leader of Growth at Day One, Author of ‘More Than My Title,’ and TEDx Speaker.

As social impact leaders, we wear a WHOLE LOT of hats (which makes it hard to explain what we truly do!) In this episode, Sarabeth covers how you can discover your unique value and communicate your true professional identity as a hybrid professional. 

“A hybrid professional defies traditional job titles because they work at the intersections of disparate identities. Hybrids integrate their work identities together to create an entirely new identity. This becomes their truest professional identity.” 

Sarabeth’s goal is to help people discover, articulate, and brand their hybridity. Being more than your job title helps maximize engagement, belonging, and of course - supercharging your personal brand! 

Everyone wins when we see each other for our full professional identity.

In today’s episode:

[01:44] What is a hybrid professional? 

[06:18] Multiple professional identities and how to find the ones you truly are

[09:30] How to fully describe who you are and what you do 

[11:40] The 4 questions to help you discover your professional identities

[14:55] Sarabeth’s framework to create your hybrid professional introduction or elevator pitch 

[16:26] Do you need a degree to validate your expertise?

[21:25] Does the career ladder still exist?  What does that look like now?

[25:18] Robert Kegan's five orders of consciousness

[27:30] How would the world change if everybody would lean into their hybrid identity?

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Resources from this episode

To get the book More Than My Title or download Sarabeth’s free resources, visit her shop at morethanmytitle.com/shop

Connect with Sarahbeth Berk

Linkedin: Sarabeth Berk

Instagram: @morethanmytitle

Website: sarabethberk.com

Connect with Tania Bhattacharyya

Linkedin: Tania Bhattacharyya

Instagram: @taniabhat

Website: lumosmarketing.co

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