The Business Podcast Roadmap

Welcome to The Business Podcast Roadmap! Our mission as an organization is to help leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators out there, have the biggest impact that they can. In this podcast series, The Business Podcast Roadmap, our goal is to walk you through a five-stage business podcast roadmap, share the pieces where people often get stuck, give you the tools to move forward, and help you work through the emotions that sometimes come up with these sticking points. It’s not uncommon for individuals to become intimidated, overwhelmed, or frustrated when in the creation process of their show, and we want to help you prepare for that and work through it effectively. For each of these five stages, there are predictable feelings that we find folks have, there are problems and challenges that they get stuck on, and there are very easy solutions to keep them moving forward and to have the impact that they’re looking to have. We’re taking you step-by-step through the business podcasting journey, so you can be aware, be more prepared, and have the tools and support you need to create, launch, and grow your business podcast. You can follow the Roadmap at to listen to the latest episodes and access the tools and resources needed for a world-class podcast. If you have any questions along the way, just email help(@) and someone on our team will get back to you with answers to your specific questions, or point you in the right direction for additional resources.
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